The Team was celebrated with a Voter Empowerment Appreciation Event. This event was designed to thank those who made calls, trained and assisted voters with any questions or concerns when it came to voting in this election. The Team had pizza, snacks and water and prizes with the Thrivent logo with a chocolate treat taped to the water. They were gifted with a "Daily Bread", mints and a Thrivent Thank You card, a Thrivent "Give Generously" t-shirt in their designated sizes and a "Women Empowered to Vote" Award, thanking them for all their hard work and dedication to this project. The Thrivent writing books were also given as a gift which was included inside the envelop with the Thank You cards.

Debriefing the Team allowed everyone to touch base on how they felt about how the project (Your Vote Matters) went. Experiences and stories were shared regarding how they impacted voters.

The testimonials consisted of the team sharing their stories of how this election impacted them personally and the many positive conversations that were held. They also discussed any challenges they faced and how that was overcome. It was so much fun. Thank You, Thrivent!


There were over 25 dedicated ladies who volunteered and trained. For months, these women dedicated a significant amount of their time to reach out to voters and remind them they had a voice and helped them understand that their voice mattered. This was done by social media, phone calls, emails and ZOOM conference calls.


The RCDC Leadership Academy was created to develop leaders in a systematic way for African-American community, members of African American churches in the city and other at-risk, low to moderate income communities.  We will assist and empower them to improve their level of leadership in their homes, churches, schools and communities.   The Leadership Academy provides programs and classes that lead to college credit and/or certificates in Leadership. The program consists of courses in basic and advanced training.


The Legacy Foundation serves to provide citizens the opportunity to give to programs they are passionate about.  RCDC Legacy Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit charitable organization focused on addressing disparities in our most challenging demographic communities.  Giving can be done now or  after their death, and will be done in many unique forms.  The funds will be used to promote the ongoing programs of RCDC.  Donors can specify the area they want to designate their gifts.  These funds can be donated from an individual, grants, insurance policies real estate, vehicles, partnerships, scholarships, trust funds,  and charitable giving.



  • The Dream Academy for the African American Community

  • Summer Learning Camp

  • Early Childhood Day Care and Afterschool Care

  • Financial Workshops for Families with Thrivent

  • Constructing more than 20 durable homes in Haiti in the HOMES for HAITI international project (2017-present)

  • constructing 15 homes in Jamaica (currently in progress, 2020)

  • developing and operating the “You Belong” food pantry in collaboration with the Houston Food Bank, serving 500 Houston family units monthly (2009-present)

  • Hosting annual empowerment women’s conferences for more than 20 years, each serving over 200 women, including those from the Mission of Yahweh homeless shelter

  • Hosting annual empowerment and leadership conferences for men and women

  • Community-based festivals and events that provide education, entertainment, health information and resources to families that promote , serving more than 1,000 family units

  • Operating a walk-in “Clothing Pantry” for the community (2012-present)

  • Serving as a national Hurricane Relief Center (Harvey, 2017, Katrina 2005)

  • Constructing two community playgrounds in the African American community

  • The Legacy Foundation

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